Former IAS Officer Shah Faesal Launches New Party In Kashmir

In his address to the gathering, mostly comprising youth, the civil services topper-turned-politician admitted that he had initially arrived at an incorrect diagnosis of the Kashmir situation. But I have understood that as long as the youth in Kashmir live in a state of constant fear, and as long as our mothers and sisters face the prospect of losing their dignity and dear ones, nothing will work here,” news agency IANS quoted him as saying. In a Facebook post put up on the day of his resignation in January, Mr Faesal claimed that “Muslims had been reduced to second-class citizens” in the country. Since then, the former bureaucrat has been building up a support base among the Jammu and Kashmir youth and gathering public support for his initiative towards ensuring “corruption-free, clean and transparent” politics in the state. Although National Conference chief Omar Abdullah had sent feelers to him back then, Mr Faesal clarified that he does not intend to join any of the mainstream political parties in the state.

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