As Pakistan Faces Trump Attacks, Its Army Seeks Peace With India: Report

Current and former Pakistani military officials have told Bloomberg that both a slowing economy and pressure from Beijing to improve ties with the West is prompting the shift on India. Fear of Indian dominance continues to dictate strategy in a military that has directly ruled Pakistan for almost half its 71-year history. Pakistan’s military is the most powerful organization in the country, and has long been seen as one of the main obstacles to peace with India. While Khan appears sincere, he and Pakistan’s generals must realize India won’t reciprocate unless something is done about Lashkar-e-Taiba, according to Madiha Afzal, the author of ‘Pakistan Under Siege’ and a visiting fellow at The Brookings Institution in Washington. “This is an easy win for both Khan and the army,” she said of the outreach to India.

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