Technology, Economy And Global Warming: What We Can Do To Change Things

As the evidence mounts, society needs to adapt and change its ideas, leading us hopefully to a turning point when we all reject products and services that generate CO2 emissions, replacing them with others that at the least do not contribute to the problem. We are possibly facing the most important paradigm shift in our history, and to think that this will not create opportunities for entrepreneurs and for those capable of understanding this is blind. Transport contributes more than a third of emissions, but it’s not the only area where we need to act. All this may generate alarm in the affected industries, but we have to accept that we have no alternatives. But we have to act fast, rather than waiting for a miracle: we have to understand what is happening, inform ourselves and make the right demands on the right people, even if we think these impinge on our individual freedoms, our comfort or force us to make sacrifices most us are not prepared to make yet.

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