Senior Tata Motors executive in #MeToo firestorm

The raging #Metoo movement that has ensnared many men from the media and entertainment sector for inappropriate behaviour with women has now engulfed the corporate sector, by naming a senior executive from Tata Motors Allegations against Suresh Rangarajan, corporate communications chief at Tata Motors surfaced on Twitter and the company responded within hours to send him on leave. Rangarajan was accused of harassing female employees of his team in a tweet under a twitter handle @TheRestlessQuill on Thursday evening. In a statement released late at night on Twitter, Tata Motors, through its handle said: “Ïn light of the inquiry by ICC, Suresh Rangarajan has been asked to proceed on leave in order to allow an objective inquiry to be completed as swiftly as possible. ”The statement was attributed to the Tata Motors Human resources department. ” Rangarajan has been working with Tata Motors since September 2016, joining the automobile giant after heading communications at telecom giant Vodafone between 2011-2016 and Nissan Motor India between 2009-2010.

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