Saudi faces business backlash over Khashoggi disappearance

Meanwhile the Future Investment Initiative has seen a litany of cancellations from prominent names who decided it best not to be associated with Saudi Arabia at this time. Media organisations, some of whose writers played some part in cheering the reforms of Mohammed bin Salman, are also deserting the event, with pulling out as a sponsor and cancelling plans to appear. said on he would not be attending after being “terribly distressed by the disappearance of and reports of his murder. ” The ambiance is set to be a far cry from the first edition of the meeting in 2017, where Saudi Arabia wowed some 3,500 executives with talking robots and plans for a new city. The tensions also create new doubts about the much-heralded IPO of Aramco, expected to be the largest share offering in history, and which the has insisted will go ahead by early 2021.

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