Reliance Has 10 Per Cent Of Offset In Rafael Deal: Dassault CEO

In a statement, Dassault released a transcript of what it said was Ms Trappier’s interview with AFP in which he was asked about the status of the offsets. The implementation of offsets is an obligation and, under the Indian regulation, the choice of the partners belongs to us,” Mr Trappier was quoted as saying. “In full compliance with this regulation, Dassault Aviation therefore decided to set up the DRAL joint venture with Reliance and build a plant in Nagpur, which should enable us to meet about 10% of these offset obligations. We are in negotiations with about a hundred Indian companies and partnerships have already been concluded with about thirty of them,” he was quoted as saying. The choice of the Nagpur site, in central India, was dictated by the availability of land with direct access to an airport runway, he was quoted as saying.

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