Rachel White: Sajid Khan told me if I could seduce him, the role was mine

After actress Saloni Chopra called out Sajid for his indecent behaviour when she was working with him as an assistant director, another actress Rachel White came out in her support and recounted her nightmarish experience of meeting the filmmaker once for a role at his home. Rachel, in a string of tweets, revealed that Sajid Khan invited her to his house for a meeting for Humshakals. She further revealed that Sajid asked her to strip because there were bikini scenes in the film. “I replied saying ‘There are pics of me in bikinis sent to you, I think that should good for you”, and when he insisted I said, ‘I’m ready to parade your office in a bikini, not at home’,” added Rachel. However, things didn’t stop here and he asked her to seduce him for five minutes, if she wanted the role.

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