Piyush Mishra accused of sexual misconduct apologizes for his behavior

After Alok Nath, Vikas Bahl, Kailash Kher, Sajid Khan and others, the last celebrity to have been hit by the fire is the poet writer-actor Piyush Mishra, accused of sexual misconduct by the freelance writer Ketki Joshi. Ketki recalled in a Facebook message that she had met Piyush at a private party in 2014 where he was the celebrity guest. Claiming to be a fan of her job, she “was delighted to listen to it so closely”, but was caught off guard when he “started flirting with light in front of about 20 years. Ketki also said in his message that Piyush continued to drink throughout the party, gradually becoming intoxicated. Meanwhile, Piyush, who had read information about the allegations against him, reacted by informing a news agency: “I do not remember the incident reported because I was probably in the process to drink a few glasses.

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