Kishangarh murders: Police approach friends of accused

Sources told The Indian Express that police interviewed Suraj Verma’s friends and found that he and his friends had rented a room near his house, without the knowledge of his parents. According to police, one of his friends said Suraj’s parents would object to him meeting them, and claimed that they had beat up Suraj on several occasions. Read | 6 teams, 100 questions, forensic analysis: How Delhi Police cracked case Suraj allegedly stabbed his father Mithilesh Verma (45), mother Siya Devi (35), and sister Neha Verma (15) to death on the intervening night of Tuesday-Wednesday. Hearing the commotion, his sister woke up and he allegedly stabbed her in the neck. When he stabbed his mother in the stomach, his sister was still alive, but he then started to ransack the house to mislead police,” a senior police officer said.

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