Jalebi Movie Review: Rhea Chakraborty Is Fine, Varun Mitra Has Potential

It refrains from celebrating the lure of domesticity and instead advocates freedom for the girl who walks out of a marriage with only a duffel bag to seek out her own pastures. Here, two women – one separated from the hero, the other his current wife – are in control although the former indulges in a fair bit of fulminating in the course of a train journey to Delhi, where she is scheduled to take part in a book reading session. Memories of a marriage gone sour comes rushing back to the budding writer because she runs into her ex-husband’s wife and seven-year-old daughter, who are travelling in the same AC first class coupe. The brief encounter with Dev’s wife Anu (Suryavanshi) revives Aisha’s pangs – what she feels is a mix of deep regret and seething anger – and she fights the urge to explode and pour her heart out to the first person in sight. But there are flashes in the film – admittedly these are few and far between – that suggest that Bhardwaj is a director who is capable of delivering offbeat fare within mainstream narrative formulations.

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