Hold election for post of general secretary: Sasikala tells EC

She said senior leaders O Panneerselvam, S Semmalai and E Madhusudanan were expelled by her in February 2017, seven months ahead of the general council meeting that removed her from the post of general secretary. “She prayed to the commission to order elections to the post of general secretary at the earliest. Recalling her appointment as general secretary by a unanimous resolution of the general council in December 2016, after the demise of Jayalalithaa, Sasikala had complained that election could not be held for the post of general secretary on time due to issues created by a “renegade” group, expelled by her due to their “nefarious” activities against the party. The general council resolved that Sasikala would be appointed general secretary, until she was formally elected to the post. It was in her capacity of general secretary that she nominated Palaniswami to be the CM, which was accepted by MLAs, Pandian said.

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