Ghana launches nationwide campaign to fight Measles-Rubella

Dr George Bonsu, the Programme Manager, Expanded Programme on Immunisation (EPI), said data indicated that measles kills almost 90,000 people globally each year and it was a leading cause of death in Children under five years. She said that notwithstanding, measles and rubella are endemic, hence, the need for the campaign as the disease could kill and maim children. She said the measles and rubella vaccines are safe for children and noted that the immunisation would take place in health centres and at a number of temporary posts set up in schools, markets, bus stations, churches and all communities in the country. Dr Owen Kaluwa, WHO Country Representative, noted that the number of children vaccinated through routine immunisation had increased over the years in the Africa Region and Ghana was one of only five countries in Africa that had achieved the 95 per cent target coverage rate for the first dose measles-rubella vaccination. He said immunisation of children against diseases was something that ought to receive the enthusiastic support of everyone in communities.

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