Brexit: Theresa May faces backlash from within Cabinet

However, the signs of unity remain elusive as there are still fundamental splits in her party over what will happen to the border between and the Republic of which currently has no checks but would require a system in place for goods check after Britain formally leaves the EU on March 29 next year. The challenge facing the British PM now is to sell the latest formulation to the whole of her Cabinet and avoid any resignations, having already faced down the resignations of former and former back in July. But one of May’s key allies in the Cabinet, minister Philip Hammond, sought to quell the prospect of an all-out rebellion and said there has been a “measurable change of pace” in talks with the EU, adding to the sense of optimism that a deal could be imminent. Speaking at annual meeting in Bali, he said: “I have always been optimistic that we would get to a deal in the end, because it’s clearly in the interest of both sides to do so. May will head to next week in the hope of signing a deal with the remaining 27 members of the bloc, but that agreement remains poised delicately at this stage.

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