As administration gears up against stubble burning in Majha, so do farmers

AMRITSAR: As the administration in Majha region has geared up to prevent farmers from burning paddy stubble this season and take strict action against violators, farmers have also joined hands to flout government directions to cut losses in the absence of any compensation. He added that in case the government took action against farmers they would begin agitation across the state and would not allow the government to impose fine on farmers, who would burn stubble. A farmer from Attari, on condition of anonymity, said that instead of setting fire to stubble by individually, the farmers had decided to do it collectively. Batala agriculture officer Batala Jatinder Singh said that the administration had been trying to bring awareness among farmers about the damage done to their soil by burning stubble. Amritsar chief agriculture officer D S Chhina said they had deployed sufficient number of nodal officers, who were regularly in touch with farmers advising them to not burn the stubble and follow government guidelines or face action.

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