Anwar in the front, PAS, independents to lose their election deposit – Ilham Centre

“Anwar remains the single most admired candidate in a series of campaigns which was carried out in an organised manner as well as an election machinery placed at each polling center and the variation of campaign materials that can be seen around Port Dickson, also helped the cause. “The question arising among voter’s, is the extent of Anwar’s desire to remain in Port Dickson in the 15th General Election (GE-15), if he wins (in the by-election) as he has no sentimental value and legacy attached to the constituency,” he said in a statement. Azlan said a survey involving 817 respondents in Port Dickson also found that Isa still had a strong influence, especially in the Bagan Pinang State and Linggi state constituencies. He said PAS’s local election machinery was also paralysed and is still at a loss with the majority of its members joining Parti Amanah Negara (PAN). Azlan admits that Dr Mahathir’s presence in Port Dickson had also helped Anwar’s cause and give a morale boosting advantage to the PH election machinery campaign as well as provide the necessary impetus and confidence for Malay voters to cast their votes for the former Prime Minister.

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