Vasant Kunj triple murder: Murderer hated parents, sister; faked own kidnapping in school

The only person to have survived was their 19-year-old son who claimed that two robbers murdered his family and he managed to save himself by pretending to be unconscious. Police officials who had noted glaring loopholes in Suraj’s version of what happened that night managed to get him to confess to his crimes during the course of interrogation. The accused who at first claimed that two robbers barged into his home and murdered his family, later told police that his father, 44-year-old Mithilesh Verma stabbed his mother Sia and sister Neha which led to a confrontation between him and his father where he ended up killing the man in self-defense However, upon being faced with evidence which pointed out that there was no sign of forced entry into the house or the fact that no valuables including cash or jewellery were reported missing, Suraj broke down and admitted to killing his family. Part of the investigation team, officer Devender Arya said that Suraj woke up at around 3 am that night and went to his parents’ room where he stabbed his father multiple times in the chest and stomach. Angry with his teenaged sister for reporting on him to his parents, Suraj then went to the girl’s room where he stabbed her to death.

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