Software engineers most sought-after by companies in India: LinkedIn study

and app developers are among the most sought-after professionals by companies across sectors in the country, says a report by professional networking platform The Microsoft-owned firm, in its maiden ‘Workforce Report for India’, said job postings for were the highest across multiple industries in the first six months of 2018 on its platform. The demand for hiring in tech-related jobs is reflected across several areas as companies undergo digital transformation and employ new-age technologies like cloud, analytics, and to increase productivity, it said. Companies look for certain skill sets and there is often a gap in terms of the skill sets being sought and those available. The report said the US is India’s top partner for “talent migration” in terms of volume in both the directions, along with other countries like Australia, the UK, and Based on data from its platform, found that legal, education and design industries were fast growing. The report said over 50 million professionals in have LinkedIn profiles, while there are more than one million company pages on the platform.

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