International Day of the Girl Child: 17 girls turn diplomats for a day

She also introduced me to all the officials and told them I was the boss today,” told on the sidelines of an event organised in a joint collaboration between and the delegation of the to Hailing from Bikaner in Rajasthan, Susheela, according to Plan India, was the first girl in her village to pursue higher education. “I thought I had to go to But then they told me that it will be in the capital only. For the time being, I have invited her to visit my village in Rajasthan,” she said. Also, present on the occasion Tomasz Kozlowski, of the to India said the empowerment of women and girls was critical to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, and added that the diplomatic missions in were proud to participate in this year’s takeover. “Earlier today, I gave all my powers to two wonderful girls and I am not sure whether they have decided to give me the power back.

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