Clean Ganga activist GD Agarwal dies after fasting for 111 days, Centre says most demands met

Agarwal, who was 86, was taken to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Rishikesh, by the administration of neighbouring Haridwar in Uttarakhand on Wednesday, a day after he stopped drinking even water. He had been accepting water with honey during the duration of his hunger strike, which he started on June 22. The Centre, in a reaction to his death, said that almost all the demands made by Agarwal had been accepted. His fast in 2009 led to the scrapping of two dams – Bhairon Ghati (380 Mw) and Pala Maneri (480 Mw) – on the Bhagirathi river, a tributary of the Ganga in higher reaches of Uttarakhand. His died a day after the environment ministry issued a notification for the free flow of 20-30% of water in river Ganga in the next three years.

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