CAATSA is instrument of political pressure, slams Russian ambassador to India

The ambassador also said CAATSA will not come in the way of major defence deals with India in the near future and complimented India for acting as an “independent” country. Russia, he said, was also willing to have a COMCASA type of agreement (which India signed with US recently) with India to upgrade military ties between the 2 countries. The ambassador said that India and Russia, despite the threat of CAATSA, will soon sign agreements for stealth frigates and Kalashnikov rifles. When asked why India and Russia had played down the signing of agreement for S-400 during Putin’s visit, Kudashev said that while military cooperation was important, it was not the only focus area. When asked if Russia was ready to have an enabling Comcasa type of agreement for military and security cooperation, the ambassador said it was logical to work for it.

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