Skill upgradation, outplacement services key to manage post-merger job redundancies: Experts

New Delhi, Oct 7 () Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) often lead to anxiety and concerns on employment front among employees due to redundancies of jobs at a merged entity and the fair approach by companies to tackle this is by investing in proactive skill upgradation and outplacement services, experts say. All M&As carry the risk of anxiety related to job security and especially when the target firm is ridden with poor performance and is financially unstable. While, in cases where the target firm is complimentary and not a competitor, these types of employee concerns are little less. “Many companies today invest in proactive skill upgradation and re-skilling of the employees to ensure that they stay relevant to the business. The most effective manner to mitigate them is through effective and timely communications which should be focused on addressing the employee’s pain points.

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