Firm, store in Chandigarh penalised for selling cockroach infested liquor bottle

Yadav had complained that a bottle of Blenders Pride whisky (750 ml) with two cockroaches in it was sold to him at the payment of Rs 580, which he made through his credit card. He said the bottle was bought for a celebration on October 16, 2016 and claimed that when he opened the outer package of the whisky bottle on reaching home, he found it to be leaking and on a closer examination, noticed the presence of two dead cockroaches in it. Pernod Richard India as well as the shop owner also filed separate replies whereby they raised the claim that seal of the whisky bottle was tampered with and the possibility of cockroaches and foreign particles deliberately inserted in the bottle could not be ruled out. The forum observed that consumption of the liquor having dead cockroaches and other foreign particles apparently seemed to be injurious to health as it cannot be construed to be a liquor substance. ” Directed to pay Rs 60,000 Calling it a case of deficiency in service, the forum directed the respondents to refund the amount paid by Yadav while buying the bottle.

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