Lawyer Says Jailed Ukrainian Director Sentsov To End Hunger Strike On October 6

“I’m forced to halt my hunger strike from tomorrow, that is October 6,” Sentsov said in a hand-written statement, a copy of which was released to the media by his lawyer Dmitry Dinze. ” Dinze confirmed to Current Time TV that Sentsov would end his strike on October 6, after visiting him at a civilian clinic in the town of Labytnangi on October 5. Ukraine’s human rights ombudswoman, Lyudmyla Denisova, said on Facebook that Sentsov has stopped his hunger strike, which she said meant he was in “critical” condition. In that case they wouldn’t have ‘persuaded’ him to stop the hunger strike and would not have constantly put psychological pressure on a political prisoner. Imprisoned in the Far Northern Yamalo-Nenets region of Russia, Sentsov started a hunger strike on May 14, demanding that Russia release 64 fellow Ukrainians he considers political prisoners.

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