7 Rohingya Will Be Deported, Supreme Court Says Myanmar Has Accepted Them

Seven Rohingya Muslims held at a detention centre in Assam will be handed over to Myanmar after the Supreme Court today refused to stop their deportation, the first such move by the government. “We are not inclined to interfere on the decision taken,” the top court said, accepting the centre’s statement that the Rohingya were illegal immigrants and Myanmar had accepted them as citizens. The government’s top lawyer, Tushar Mehta, told the court that the embassy of Myanmar was ready to give a certificate of identity to the Rohingya. Around 40,000 Rohingya live in India after having fled persecution in Myanmar over the years. The government had last year told the court that Rohingya are a threat to national security, have links with terror groups and are likely to be used by the ISIS for terror attacks.

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