WWE RAW Results October 1st 2018, latest Monday Night Raw winners, video highlights

Ambrose said that it might all be true and he might be done with the Shield already. Braun Strowman VIDEO Strowman was in control for the longest part of the match. Ambrose took control with a dropkick but Strowman didn’t even flinch before he went for a powerslam but Ambrose reversed it into the Dirty Deeds but failed to get the pinfall. Strowman hit the powerslam and sent him into the barricades outside. Dean Ambrose via DQ Reigns and Rollins fought off Strowman but Dolph and Drew came out to support Braun and so did Corbin before announcing that this was not according to his plan and that Reigns will face Dolph right after while Drew will face Rollins later in the night.

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