PPMD and Jett Foundation Among Groups Gearing Up for Sept. 7, World Duchenne Awareness Day

Organizations are recommending a host of ways to raise awareness for Duchenne muscular dystrophy, including fundraising activities, sharing efforts on social media, and getting local governments involved. It is also crucial that information available to families is understandable and based on the latest research, according to a WDAD news release. This year’s WDAD activities will include conferences to update clinicians and other healthcare professionals, publication of the updated Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Family Guide, and release of a series of videos designed to help youngsters with DMD learn how to advocate for their own health. Those include getting schools or workplaces to establish online fundraising sites, creating Fundraising to End Duchenne events, asking state or local governments to issue proclamations recognizing World Duchenne Awareness Day, and planning a 1K Race to End Duchenne at the school of children living with Duchenne. The Jett Foundation, whose mission it is to increase global awareness of Duchenne in order to raise research funds, is inviting participation in World Duchenne Awareness Day in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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