Spotted: BMW G 310 GS seen on a truck in India! – Overdrive

TVS and BMW work together on the platforms that are the basis for the TVS Apache RR 310, the BMW G 310 R and the BMW G 310 GS. Okay seriously, the G 310 GS is made in India, of course, we know that BMW has been pursuing both homologation, paperwork and processes to ‘acquire’ the build motorcycles from TVS Motor as well as dealership expansion. There is also the matter of BMW Motorrad and BMW Motorrad India repeatedly saying that they would like Indian customers to have the same quality experience as a customer anywhere in the world when s/he walks into a BMW Motorrad facility. As you know, the BMW G 310 R and the G 310 GS share the same engine and chassis, more or less. The launch of the BMWs G 310 R and the G 310 GS is expected to happen in a month or so with deliveries likely to start around end-August, our estimates.


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